Payment, Shipping & Returns


We are not accepting debit cards and credit cards at the moment. We are working on stabilizing this process to avoid glitches and hitches. But it would be up as soon as possible with the very best secure e-payment systems to avoid internet fraud. For now, our standard payment method is through our official Barclays account. But since this is most favorable for customers in the United Kingdom, we would make the final payment method to be agreed with the customer at the last stage of the order process. This is to ensure easier payment methods until our e-payment system is up and running. Other payment methods may include paying through our distributors or partners in other countries, PayPal, etc.


Our shipping method won’t be standard because it would not take care of the risks involved with shipping high-end custom made products at the budding stage of the store. For now all shipping would be discussed with the customer. Our preferred shipping mechanism is Ems speed post which has speedy delivery methods though out the globe with amazing rates. We are working on other courier services to partner with us on this and the success of this partnership would be communicated via our social hubs.

For now our shipping methods would be communicated to the customer via email. Your final shipping method would be indicated in the dispatch email. Before the dispatch email, we would also advice you if it would be better to receive your package from a Maducho Luchi distributor or Partner near you.


As a budding Store we take very good care of our orders to avoid returns but we don’t rule out returns. In case of returns, we would communicate with the customer via usual correspondence (most likely email) as to how to make the return process simple. The payment of the product would be made in full and we would take care of the delivery charges if the item’s fault is on our part. But for changes with errors from the customer’s part we won’t be taking care of delivery charges. On the dispatch email, we would communicate how long the item would need not to exceed before it can be returned. This is because different items have varying limits on them dependent on different factors.