The Amorquo was made for men who love simple and unique shoes. It has a shiny wet looks leather finishing which could come In two colors or more. In this case it comes in purple and black. This could be edited to fit an order. The Amorquo is furnished with mesh leather of tan color in its interior which makes it a beauty to look at and also a comfort zone for your legs. The design and color of the Ankara on the inside used to identify the Amorquo symbolizes the ancient Nok culture. This culture shows that people in the sub Saharan region had the ability to live in unity, had a well-structured economy and enjoyed good governance as far back as tens of centuries before now. If this was possible then, we believe it is possible now.
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To prevent the natural aging (cracking, stiffening, decrease of waterproofness) of leather and leather lined products we recommend treating all leather products with a cream or water based wax treatment. Please note that leather treatments may alter the leather’s original appearance however it will not affect the performance or properties of the leather.


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