Maducho Luchi is a limited production fashion product with a tilt of class, simplicity, comfort and an African story.


Maducho Luchi products are produced with high quality materials made by very experienced hands dedicated to quality.


The conception and creation of every Maducho Luchi shoe is made by a broad team comprised of Artist, Designers, Illustrators, Photographers, Shoe Architects, IT Gurus, Leather Experts, and many others responsible for bringing this idealist comfort to life. All production is done in West Africa, adding value to the economy of the sub-region. ML shoes are made with the best materials and require a thorough coupling process that brings out the best quality in designs with adequate durability. The flexible production process allows you the chance to build shoes by your specification and our expertise. Our production engineers are top notch shoe architects. The designs and uniqueness of our shoes offers customers a younger look that personifies our key belief: making the best shoes for a range of three times our price!


Maducho Luchi products can be verified online to check against immitations. Made in the heart of West Africa where top designers in the world shop their leather!

Maducho Luchi offers many benefits to it's customers, like:

  • Custom made designs that are not seen on other retailers anywhere in the world.
  • Superior quality guaranteed luxury wear.
  • Customer service at its best. Round the clock we want to answer to your needs on all orders.
  • Shoes represent intrinsic values that have a range of values in diverse cultures across Africa.
  • Modern and fashionable designs combined with culture to give you the best fashion.
  • Allows you design your own custom made shoe and if you want, patent it, so you can share your dividends with the firm.
  • Access to validate the authenticity of every shoe.

Give Back Program

To further help promote the story behind it, ML is involved in changing stories across Africa through humanitarian collaboration with Rotary Society to help fight polio.